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Hidden objects games, Hidden alphabet games, hidden number games and spot the difference games which are in the subcategory are also available on our website. It can play easily on mobile, tablet or PC. You can get rid of the tiredness of the day. Special games that you can't find anywhere are here.

Focus 3in1

Now it's time to focus on this game. Because 3 different species are collected in one game. The numbers we need to find on the left. The letters on the right side and the indispensable objects on the upper side. Our venues have been chosen quite classical and are one of the places we meet every day. It is our main duty to find the 30 missing objects hidden among them. But we have a point to get. When we press the wrong button, our score decreases and we don't want it.

Hidden Object Games 365

It is an html5 based site that has exclusive examples of hidden object games, which is suitable for users of all ages and does not require a flash player. Hidden objects are rare games that do not require continuity and can be played at short intervals. Hidden object games first appeared as desktop programs. Very detailed samples were made. These can be obtained by paying license fees and offline only works on the computer. However, in today's technology we can now access from mobile and other platforms. You can find the most exclusive games on our website which is prepared for the smooth play of hidden object games in all platforms.

Hidden Object Games 365
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