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We are in a rehabilitation center where people suffering from sleep problems are frequently visited. Many people in this center complain about not sleeping. That's why they applied here and were guests for overnight treatments. Ideal for sleeping at night without holes, this place is in high demand. For this reason it is quite crowded and there are too many guests. But when you wake up after a deep sleep at night, you realize that something is wrong. Reason; the items you left in the room before going to bed are scattered. It's like someone came into the room while you were asleep and scattered all this stuff. So it's up to us to collect. But since we slept well and we got up in the morning, it was not difficult for us. We started searching in no time. Our key collection is also scattered around. We have to find them and leave this place. But we must hurry because we have to vacate the room as soon as possible. The other guests are waiting in line to settle in the room. We shouldn't keep them waiting any longer.

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